Office Policies

Welcome to our office. We hope you have a positive experience. To avoid any disappointments, please go through some relevant office policies listed below. Thank you.

  • Please note that we are not set up to provide treatment in the office. We only provide consultation in the office. We do not provide any treatments or perform any procedures in the office. If you need immediate treatment, please go to the closest hospital.
  • We see patients only by appointment. Please call 252-430-7110 to schedule an appointment at Henderson office, to schedule an appointment at Dunn office, call 910-292-2215.
  • Copays in full for patients with insurance are collected before the patient encounter.  Copays and co-insurances for sleep study interpretations and pulmonary function study interpretations are often collected pre-evaluation.
  • If you are seeing us for a procedure, please note we will not be performing the procedure during the initial visit. During your initial visit, The physicians will review your history, examine you, review reports, determine the appropriateness of the requested procedure and discuss risks/benefits of the procedure with you. If a decision is made to proceed with the procedure, it will be scheduled for another day at DLP Maria Parham Medical Center, Betsy Johnson Hospital or Central Harnett Health.
  • Please allow 2 business days for our office to complete new or refill prescription requests
  • Dr. Singh is a specialist and therefore cannot and will not act as your primary care provider
  • Please bring an updated and complete list of your medications with you to the appointment.
  • Our physicians see many patients in DLP Maria Parham Medical Center, Betsy Johnson Hospital & Central Harnett Hospital.  It is possible that they may arrive later than your scheduled appointment time from caring for hospitalized patients or be called emergently to provide an unscheduled critical care intervention.