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We specialize in pulmonary and sleep medicine. We are the only Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine practice for at least 50 miles north of Raleigh-Durham and 50 miles east of Raleigh-Durham. We are primary resource for patients with pulmonary and sleep disorders in Vance, Warren, Granville and Franklin counties. We have been serving the people of these communities since 2003. We opened another office in Dunn, about 35 miles east of Raleigh-Durham.

We serve all patients regardless of their race, color, sex, age, national origin, disability, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation and ability to pay. We accept most insurances including Medicare and Medicaid. We also offer discounted fees for patients with no insurance and/or limited ability to pay. 

Most of the patients we see are referred to us by the primary care providers in the area. However, we also see patients without a referral.

We see patients strictly by appointment. We strive to schedule appointments within 1-2 weeks and sometimes same week or even same day based on the need. However, please note we are not set up to provide urgent, critical or emergency care in the office. Therefore, if you are acutely ill or have an emergency needing immediate medical care, please go to the nearest hospital or urgent care.    

Purpose of this website is to provide basic information about our practice, our physicians, services we provide, access to office forms, our policies, and general educational resources of common medical conditions we see in our practice. None of the information provided here is intended to be specific medical advice for an individual patient. We strictly do not provide medical advice via e-mail or phone. A face to face encounter between patient and our physician is a must to provide medical evaluation and treatment.